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Thanks for visiting! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, share your experiences look for recommendations or just about anything else you'd like.

Please avoid the following activities however, your post/thread/account may be removed when in violation:
  • Be respectful. No name calling or personal attacks please. Feel free to disagree with other posters (myself included,) just do it politely.
  • No posting links please - at least for the time being. We'll be allowing them in the future for trusted users, but as a new forum we don't need them just yet.
  • No advertising please - if you've got something you think our audience would like to see, contact us and we'll talk about it.
  • No unfounded claims please - DO share your experiences ("I had the worst luck at casino x") - DON'T slander or make assumptions ("Casino x cheats it's players!") If you're making any claims along those lines, you'd better have some sincere evidence.
Basically, just try to be cool. We try to be pretty easy-going over here, do the same and don't use the forums as your personal classified ads and we'll get along just fine.