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The Rules:

  • You must be 18+ years old and of legal gambling age.
  • Only one subscription is permitted per person. (Yes, we can tell when you use multiple email addresses.)
  • Player verification may be required prior to prize redemption.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • We won't share, trade or sell your details.

The Prizes:

We're just getting started, so for now we're starting off small with a $10 USD Amazon gift card per day (or it's equivalent in your local currency based on current exchange rates.)

  • Cards will be sent via digital gift certificate. We'll contact confirmed winners to get their preferred currency.
  • You have to play to win! In the event that a drawn winner doesn't play during that day, their prize will be forfeited.

Wait - How Does That Work Again?

People subscribe to our newsletter through third party mailing service MailChimp. This ensures you can easily unsubscribe at any time just by clicking a link in any received e-mail should you wish to, but of course we hope you won't.

All active subscribers are then entered into a daily 'draw.' This is done just after midnight (EST) every day, at which point one or more users will be randomly selected as 'winners' - though they haven't won just yet, they still have to visit and take their subscriber spin on the above slot (also available on the home page) to reveal and confirm that win.

  • When they do: We'll be notified that they've played and confirmed their prize. They will also get an email confirming that.
  • When they don't: A new draw doesn't take place for that day, any unclaimed prized are simply forfeited.

Basically, what that means is if everyone who subscribed to the newsletter played Subscriber Spins every day, all prizes would always be won/claimed. If only half of our subscribers played, there's a 50% chance any given draw winner won't know they've won and won't get their prize because they never checked. Once the day is over if you haven't taken your spin, you've missed your chance even if you would have won.

So Subscriber Spins Isn't Random?

The slot game itself isn't random at all; it checks if you've been drawn as a winner that day and will show a winning reel combination if so, or a loss otherwise. How those winners are drawn IS entirely random however, so every newsletter subscriber has the same chance of winning any given day when they play the game. You could win 2 days in a row, you may never - it's up to the luck of the random draw. As we get more subscribers we'll be increasing prize values and offering more prize winners each day.